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At Wild for Purpose, we are all about guiding you to turning your desires into action but what do you do when you aren't even sure what your true desires are? We believe that everyone's truest desire is to have a purpose and more importantly, to live authentically for that purpose every day. If you're feeling a bit lost, we promise you, you are not alone! It isn't always an easy answer to find but Life's Purpose is a great place to start. So, give it a read and please let us know how you get on! Join the Soul Fam on Facebook and Instagram, get in touch and let's see where this new adventure leads!


What’s Inside the Book? Take a Sneak Peak...

How to find your purpose in life

Your life’s purpose... 

That elusive thing that we are told that we need, but don’t know how to find or sometimes, even know what it means. It can feel like a pretty daunting mission to try and figure out what it is we are truly destined for in this lifetime, and understandably so!

Your childood

Like with anything you set out to solve in life, you just need to look for the clues;  And there is often no greater clue than looking at our childhood. Our childhood is often when we are the most uninhibited and free…

Your growing desires

In life, we are always told to think things through, but my suggestion is to feel things through. We often aren't taught to trust our intuition and to get into our bodies to get a sense of what resonates with us and what doesn’t. What brings us joy and what doesn’t, what we truly desire and what we don’t... 

About the Author

Rachel Stoneley

Rachel is our Head of Customer Engagement and rightfully so! No one understands our audience better than her because she has lived and breathed personal development for a long time. Know a self help book? Rachel has read it. Heard of a course in something you're sure no one will know? Rachel has probably done it (usually during a string of hilarious events). As well as being a trained reiki practitioner, she also has a background in personal development and e-publishing. Rachel is the real deal and the perfect person to help guide you on your first steps to finding your purpose and ultimately, your happiness. You can find out more about Rachel here

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