Joanne Fowler

Success & Wellness Coach


As a Master NLP Therapist and Coach, Joanne enables you to break through barriers to build a brighter future... helping clients go from stressed to life success...

Often clients will know what isn't working. It's easier to see the problem, but to understand what to change and how to fix it is where I come in. However, NLP therapy is not explicit or directive, clients won't be told their solution, it is about building awareness, self belief, and receiving tools and guidance to make positive change happen. To achieve life long success and positive change, I put my clients in control of their destiny.   

What I do

I am a practicing NLP therapist,  CoFounder of and Vision into Reality Coach.

I specialise in helping people unlock their potential through raising self awareness and self esteem, and breaking old habits which are holding you back. 

In our new self development course Vision into Reality, you will use some of the principles I use in my coaching therapy to feel happier and achieve greater life success starting right now.

Skills & Qualifications

I'm an accredited NLP practitioner to a Masters level and a certified Corporate Success Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

With a BA (Hons) in Business and Finance and many years experience in Corporate environments, I offer a strategic and pragmatic approach to coaching.  

About Me

I spent over 20 years as a finance professional and have worked with Multinational Companies, NHS, Schools and Charities. I was trained as a Success Coach in 2008 and this is where I found my passion! 

As a mum to children with special needs and disabilities I have personal experience with managing the complex needs of SEN families where finding a happy balance of life takes a lot of figuring out!  

Coaching clients to overcome difficulties

  • Overwhelm & managing emotions
  • Stress & time management
  • Work/life balance
  • Maintaining difficult relationships (Kids, parents, marital, breakups, work, social)
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Self Esteem 
  • Mental Wellness & Energy
  • How?  

    • Understanding patterns of behaviour that link to how we feel, think and communicate.
    • Breaking through barriers, fears, phobias and habits
    • Finding clarity, direction & growth
    • Connecting to an Empowerment Mindset
    • Creating Positive Connections 
    • Achieving a success mindset in Personal & Career goals

    What is NLP?

    Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) is a form of therapy based on scientific research into success mindsets. It enables deep connection to the unconscious thoughts and behaviours which frame our self belief and mindset. Coaching through NLP is an effective tool to enable you to understand how you think, to identify what you really want, and to change what you are currently doing that is creating a barrier to your own success. 

    Coaching & Therapy Services

    Wellness & Success Coaching & Therapy

    Book a 60 minute session for £100

    Block booking discounts: 5 for £400, or 10 for £700

    Payment plan available

    To book click HERE.

    Online Course - Vision into Reality

    1:1 sessions usually last 1 hour at a cost of £100 per hour. 

    Discounts for block bookings are 5 for £400, or 10 for £700

    To book click HERE

    Corporate Success Coaching

    Corporate success coaching provides managers with training and practical skills, and all employees with an online guided 5 step success coaching program. Our online coaching program is a self guided workshop supported with videos and audio for ease of access, and an online mentoring and support group. We also provide 1:1 or group coaching sessions that enhance the learning and support long lasting positive change. 

    Coaching within corporations has an overall positive impact on employee mental health and success through increasing successful internal promotions, increasing employee retention, and decreasing absenteeism.  Book a free consultation HERE for more information. 

    Resilience Workshops

    Emotional Support & Building Resilience for stressed SEN parents. This workshop will assist parents of children with SEN, disabilities including Autism, and Anxiety. I offer workshops and coaching to parents and carers of children with Anxiety, Special Needs, and Disabilities. All parents are welcome because I know that often the most difficult part is pre-diagnosis and the stage of wondering ‘what if'. Workshops are generally run online for around £10-£20 per person. Sign up HERE to receive information for the next available workshop. 

    Free Mini Consultation

    Book a free mini consultation HERE to discuss any of my coaching services in more detail. 

    Joanne FOWLER - Accredited Master NLP Practitioner - Member of the Association Neuro Linguistic Practitioners - Corporate Success Coach - BA CORPORATE Business & FinancE.