November 21


How Do You Know When It’s Just ‘One Of Those Days’?

By Freya Martin

November 21, 2020

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Being an adult is a delicate balance between doing what is needed to be done and doing what is good for you. Productivity versus self-care. Work versus play. Often we have to push aside procrastination in order to be a grown-up and to benefit us in the long run.

Write that assignment! Clean up the dishes! Remember that important event!

Sometimes it feels like life is going at lightspeed and procrastination feels like the only way to take a moment to ground myself. It also puts off the inevitable and can lead to more work long-term.

Productivity & Mental Health

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), anxiety and depressive disorders cost more than a trillion dollars globally in lost productivity each year.

Naveen R. Mental health in the workplace: World Mental Health Day 2017.

While one rest day will not make significant psychological progress for more serious illnesses, rest (both mental and physical) is essential when combating stress and its effects. Much like how we need to sleep regularly to rest our brains, it’s also beneficial to allow ourselves to relax. In turn, this can help prevent burn-out and promotes the idea we should ALL be looking after our minds.

So, when is taking a rest day the right thing?

Really, it’s trial and error. It’s living each day knowing that you have to at least try and move forward. Don’t let yourself stagnate, even when you do have to take a break.

And let’s say you decide it would be best to take a break; a break from work, a social commitment, studying, other life responsibilities. You need to make sure you are not just falling into bad habits. That’s why you should always really consider WHY you are doing this and think out the potential consequences.

Wanting a mental & physical rest? Things to consider:

  1. Will doing this thing provide me with the emotional energy to complete my needed tasks in the future?
  2. Can I predict if this will leave me feeling more positive or negative?
  3. Would I recommend this course of action to a friend?
  4. Does the benefit outweigh any potential negative ramifications?
  5. Is there something you can do right NOW to make a permanent, positive change?

Resting does not need to be the end of productivity; learn to trust your intuition (and your body) and take rest days as you need them.

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How Do You Know When It's Just 'One Of Those Days'?

Freya Martin

Living almost a double life, during the day Freya works as a social media and branding manager and at night she worships the moon, researches true crime & conspiracy theories, and nerds out to dungeons & dragons. As a queer woman with chronic illnesses, Freya has made it her mission to make the world a better place for future generations. In this way, she is an advocate for mental health awareness, body positivity, and equality in what can be a harsh modern world.

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