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How to Deal With Negative Thoughts When Using The Law of Attraction

By Rachel Stoneley

November 19, 2020

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When people first hear about the Law of Attraction, they tend to get very excited. Probably because for the first time, they recognise that they have the ability to create their own reality. 

Whilst it can be very empowering to realise your own power in manifesting your own life, it can also be pretty daunting (and a little frightening too). 

The question that is often asked is, “If thoughts create my reality, what about all of the negative ones I’ve been thinking?” 

It can be exhausting to continuously push against negative thoughts. Worrying about them all of the time is counterintuitive to what you want to achieve. As well as that, summing up the Law of Attraction by saying you just have to think “positively” doesn’t really encompass everything that is about.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. We will examine how you can empower yourself when you have negative thoughts, and ultimately, how you can use it in your life free from fear!

The Biggest Misconceptions of the Law of Attraction

1. It will always appear in the exact form you initially thought of it.

Nope, not true. Your manifestations don’t always appear in the exact form you were thinking about! So hopefully that alleviates some concern for you right away. The universe is responding more to your vibration or your feelings rather than your exact thoughts.

Of course, if you are thinking negatively, it’s unlikely you are going to have a great day. I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Have you ever had a wonderful day with low vibration thoughts? But rest assured, the negative imaginary scenario you’ve been replaying in your head isn’t necessarily going to come true!

2. If something bad happens, it’s your fault for thinking negatively

Just no. Not at all. It’s never about fault here. The universe is a loving, kind universe that isn’t set out to punish you for not playing by the rules of the game, so to speak. 

So many people ask themselves, “What have I done to deserve this?”

If something bad has happened beyond your control, then we are sending virtual hugs your way. We can be the creators of our own reality and still experience the heartache of losing loved ones, for example. It’s ok to feel all of the feelings as you allow the intensity of emotions like grief to pass.

It will, it always does <3

3. Negative emotion is always, well, negative!…

Hopefully, you’ve probably already realised from the previous point that negative emotion isn’t necessarily always a bad thing.

Not only does it make up the tapestry of the human experience, but it can also be good! Experiencing the opposite of what you want is a great way to clarify your desires. Have you noticed that some of life’s greatest achievers were born into a challenging environment?

By experiencing what they didn’t want, they were able to manifest what they did want beyond their wildest dreams.

How to Deal with Intrusive Thoughts

Hopefully, we have now clarified that negative emotion isn’t always bad. That said, we aren’t saying that we encourage you to get caught up in a loop of negative thinking. Of course, it happens sometimes, which is why we are going to give you some suggestions on what to do when it does.

When we start thinking (whether its positively or negatively) more and more similar thoughts occur to us and momentum builds. When you start to notice it happening with negative thought patterns, try the following:

  • Meditate: Focus on your breath and let the thoughts come and go. Remember that a thought alone cannot cause any harm. It’s only when you hold onto it and let it change the emotional state that you suffer. Need help? Read our Belly Breathing: A How-To Guide.
  • Distract yourself with something funny like a comedy TV show. This is a great way to shift your focus and to stop yourself from ruminating on negative thoughts.
  • Take a nap! This is another great way to break the cycle you are caught up in, and quiet the mind. 
  • Get outside in nature! Get out of your mind, by getting into your body.

What are you a Vibrational Match to?

Sometimes people ask, what if the universe misunderstands me? The universe never misunderstands your vibration. Everything is energy.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Remember, the universe responds more to what you’re feeling than what you are thinking. So don’t get too bogged down with trying to control every single thought. Instead, slowly and surely, work your way into a better feeling vibe.

It is your birthright to live a life full of joy!

Use The Law of Attraction Free From Fear! 

We want you to feel empowered when using the Law of Attraction and we hope this has helped to put your mind at ease.

Sometimes we will get caught up thinking about things we don’t want. But you can always shift your focus to what you DO want. Affirm to yourself, “Well this is obviously not what I want” and then go on to describe your desires and wishes.

Renowned Law of Attraction teacher Abraham Hicks said, “When you move from one TV or Radio Station to another, you never worry that the programming from the old station will somehow find a way onto the new station, because you know that things just don’t work that way. And so it is with the Law of Attraction. Allow yourself to tune to a better feeling place and your previous concerns simply won’t be an issue.”

You always have the power and the ability to think a new thought!

Rachel Stoneley

Rachel is our Head of Customer Engagement and rightfully so! No one understands our audience better than her because she has lived and breathed personal development for a long time. Know a self-help book? Rachel has read it. Heard of a course in something you're sure no one will know? Rachel has probably done it (usually during a string of hilarious events). As well as being a trained reiki practitioner, she also has a background in personal development and e-publishing. Rachel is the real deal and the perfect person to help guide you on your first steps to finding your purpose and ultimately, your happiness.

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