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30 Positive Coping Statements For Anxiety

By Freya Martin

July 21, 2021

Anxiety disorders, such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), are often described as a change in how someone thinks or feels, including altered behaviour and thought patterns. Therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a type of talking therapy that deals with thoughts and behaviours. By identifying certain patterns in your thought processes, CBT encourages users to replace negative, toxic thoughts with more realistic and positive viewpoints. Using coping statements for anxiety is one technique that can help reframe your anxious thinking patterns.

Below we will be discussing coping statements and how to use them. Discover how anxiety coping statements can help you during an anxiety attack. Plus, we will be sharing 30 coping statements for anxiety that you can use straight away.

What Are Coping Statements?

As described above, anxiety coping statements allow us to take control of our thoughts and reaffirm control over feelings and thoughts during stressful moments. During anxiety attacks or stressful times, we tend to spiral with our thoughts. In contrast, coping statements allow us to combat these negative thoughts.

Anxiety coping statements are positive, yet truthful, affirmations that are used to replace unhealthy thoughts. For example;

Instead of thinking/saying, ‘This is too scary and difficult’, change it to, ‘This is scary and difficult but it’s not impossible. I can do this.’ It’s that simple!

With anxiety coping statements, it’s important to be open and honest about your feelings. It may seem counterproductive to affirm the fact the situation is difficult, but knowing your feelings are valid (if not based in reality) can help understand your thought patterns.

How To Use Anxiety Coping Statements

These coping statements for anxiety can be used like any kind of affirmation; speaking these statements out loud in front of a mirror. This can help you stay in the moment and keep calm. In this way, you could write these coping statements down on post-it notes or in a notebook. Verbalising these statements allow you to combat inner thoughts with your own voice; loud and proud.

Some people also use anxiety coping statement cards. With this technique, you can write them down on flashcards and carry them around with you. This has a key benefit that you can read these statements anywhere, discreetly. On the train, at a party, before a job interview etc.

30 Coping Statements For Anxiety

As well as the below pre-made coping statements for anxiety, it is also important to create your own per your own unique thoughts and feelings. You can be as specific as you want to be!

Feel free to use the below anxiety coping statements…

  1. I am doing my best.
  2. My anxiety does not define me.
  3. I can learn from this situation.
  4. These feelings are normal and I can cope with them.
  5. Anxiety may always be part of my life, but it will not control my life.
  6. I have dealt with these feelings before and I can deal with them now.
  7. I do not have to focus on these uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.
  8. This difficult situation is only temporary.
  9. I have more control over my thoughts than I believe.
  10. My feelings are valid but are not always fact.
  11. I may be feeling awful right now but this will pass.
  12. There is no need to rush.
  13. I am stronger and braver than I think.
  14. I am safe.
  15. This is an opportunity to stop and take a breath.
  16. Negative thoughts are just thoughts – nothing more.
  17. Things may seem difficult now but I have overcome worse.
  18. I can continue to grow, develop & achieve, despite my anxiety.
  19. When this is over, I will be so grateful and proud of myself.
  20. My anxiety cannot hurt me.
  21. I can learn to face my fears and work through feelings of anxiety.
  22. This trigger is a sign I need to use my coping strategies.
  23. Things are not as bad as I believe they are.
  24. I am in the present moment and can move through these feelings with time.
  25. This will pass.
  26. Remember the positives; don’t let my negative thoughts outshine my achievements.
  27. I am always making progress.
  28. What do I need to do right now?
  29. I can handle this situation and my thoughts.
  30. I choose to deal with this in a healthy way.
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While these coping statements may not immediately ‘cure’ anxiety, I hope they can help you balance out your thoughts and help your anxiety. Remember, always consult an expert/doctor if you think you are suffering from a mental illness or if you want any further information about professional therapies.

Freya Martin

Living almost a double life, during the day Freya works as a social media and branding manager and at night she worships the moon, researches true crime & conspiracy theories, and nerds out to dungeons & dragons. As a queer woman with chronic illnesses, Freya has made it her mission to make the world a better place for future generations. In this way, she is an advocate for mental health awareness, body positivity, and equality in what can be a harsh modern world.

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