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Self-Care During Quarantine: Transforming Your Quarantine Self-Care Routine

By Freya Martin

December 8, 2020


Quarantine self-care may be more vital right now than ever, but unfortunately, many of us are getting too wrapped up in the negativity that surrounds us; getting lost in news broadcasts, googling symptoms, worrying about friends and family, and generally the upset of being isolated. Self-care during quarantine can allow us to reconnect with ourselves and find our own inner peace.

So, if you have found yourself needing some quarantine self-care tips or ideas during COVID-19 (and beyond), here are just a few ideas for transforming your self-care routine during quarantine.

6 Ways To Transform Your Self-Care During Quarantine

The below tips for transforming your self-care during quarantine can be added or used in conjunction with any previous routines, or can be used to create a brand new quarantine self-care routine!

1. Disconnect From Negative Media

Social media can help us connect, especially long-distance or while we are isolated in our homes. The stereotype of millennials and gen z’s being glued to their phones and obsessed with Instagram can diminish the real significance 21st-century technology has positively made on our generations.

However, it’s important to remember to disconnect regularly, especially when the news and social media are leading to needless anxiety. Many of us have push notifications from news sites, keeping us updated, which can lead to panic or worry. Similarly, the constant stream of posts on social media can sometimes be overwhelming during high-stress situations.

Try simply turning off your phone, or leaving it in another room while doing some of these other self-care activities during quarantine ideas. Really focus on yourself, and stay in the moment.

2. Change Up Your Routines

It’s fair to say ALL of our routines have changed recently. Whether you are now working from home, not working at all, or are a key worker, our days have been massively altered. While it may be comforting trying to hold onto old routines, it can be rejuvenating and effective to change up your routine during these tough times.

The benefit of changing up your self-care, and general day-to-day, routine is it continues to give you productive structure and promotes positivity. Many days I have just wanted to sleep in, go to bed early, eat dinner at 2 am, or generally, just live by my own quarantine rules. However, it led to horrible sleeping and eating schedules which just made me feel worse! Plus, another benefit of a good sleep schedule is a boosted immune system, which everyone can benefit from right now.

Morning Self-Care Rituals For Lockdown

As I mentioned above, it may be tempting to sleep in during quarantine. However, with a morning routine or self-care ritual during quarantine, it can make it easier to get out of bed even during these, frankly, depressing times.

Below are some ideas you can incorporate into your morning routines… Some of these things you may already do, but in times like this, it is especially important to practice mindfulness each morning for full motivation.

Self-Care During Quarantine
Morning Self-Care During Quarantine Ideas
  • Wake up to sunlight! Some people like to let the sunshine in first thing. Alternatively, you could buy a sunlight lamp or alarm which helps combat Seasonal Affected Disorder.
  • Morning meditations; this can be incorporated into other morning activities, such as making a cup of tea, cleaning your teeth etc.
  • Start a dream journal and write in it every morning. This can help you process the previous night’s mindset or subconscious.
  • Yoga or stretching to start the day.
  • Go for a mindful (socially distanced in this case) walk, to get fresh air and vitamin D.
  • Made your bed! I always find a tidy space helps to also tidy my mind.
  • Eat a wholesome breakfast prepared the night before, allowing yourself to start the day with a boost of energy.

Evening Self-Care Rituals For Lockdown

As well as waking up mindfully with self-care for quarantine, it is also important to have a good nights sleep for optimum self-care, productivity, and health. Our evenings right now are very different to what they used to be, but this is a great time to change up your evening self-care rituals!

Just as above for morning self-care during quarantine ideas, here are just a few ways you can practice mindfulness and promote a healthy sleep schedule.

Evening Self-Care During Quarantine Ideas
  • Dim the lights! Having low lighting in your room can help your eyes relax.
  • Write! Start, or continue, a gratitude journal. It helps to process your thoughts from the day to reduce nighttime anxiety.
  • Take a shower or bath. It helps to reset the body and mind, cleansing the body.
  • Nighttime yoga. This can be easily incorporated into your routine, you only need 10 minutes to effectively get a good stretch before going to sleep.
  • Prepare for tomorrow. For example, prepare tomorrow’s breakfast (such as overnight oats), and tidy up your space. This will allow you to release stress.
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3. Reorganise Or Create A Sacred Space

Right now is the perfect time to create your ideal sacred space within your home! After all, you will be spending a lot of time between those 4 walls, you might as well make it a space you find comfort in. As previously stated, I always feel more positive when my environment is tidy and reflects my perfect idea of ‘home’.

Find places for things that don’t have homes to avoid clutter; change up the ‘Feng Shui of the place; use candles to create a cosy atmosphere. Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration in the home.

For self-care during quarantine, creating a personal altar and sacred space more specific for spiritual rituals can be a motivating project. It can allow focus and comfort during meditation. To create an altar, you can display personal items, objects with meanings, crystals, religious items etc.

4. Get Moving At Home

It is common knowledge that exercise is good for the body – but it is also good for the mind! Just because gyms and pools are currently closed, doesn’t mean you cannot get active.

Yoga at home has become increasingly popular in the last few years, with tools such as Youtube which allow Yoga experts to share their passion and skills in the video. All you need is space, a yoga mat and a wifi connection!

And while some are self-isolating due to health, if you can get out for a daily walk, take up the opportunity! Even if you do not have a garden, a short walk as part of your daily permitted exercise can help clear your head, get vitamin D, and boost your immune system. It also helps us resemble some sort of normality!

5. Learn Something New

With the development of technology, online classes and courses are more and more accessible. Even reading blogs can allow you to learn something new! Alternatively, you can start a bigger project of learning a new language, or major skill.

Learning something new allows us to feel like we aren’t so stagnant in these times of quarantine. It is a good reminder that we can continue to grow and learn, whatever age and whatever the world status.

6. Increase Your Hand Care

This may sound very specific but it’s a type of physical self-care during quarantine that is VERY important. Right now, we are putting our hands (and nails) through a lot, with more thorough washing and use of hand sanitiser.

Our hands can very easily dry out, so be sure to moisturise your hands regularly and treat your cuticles. Destress yourself with an at-home manicure or spa, promoting both physical and mental health in the safety of your own home.

Self-Care During Quarantine Guide

Freya Martin

Living almost a double life, during the day Freya works as a social media and branding manager and at night she worships the moon, researches true crime & conspiracy theories, and nerds out to dungeons & dragons. As a queer woman with chronic illnesses, Freya has made it her mission to make the world a better place for future generations. In this way, she is an advocate for mental health awareness, body positivity, and equality in what can be a harsh modern world.

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