Get To Know Us!

A group of women met each other because they were drawn to a career that aligned with their values...

All of us seemed to be looking for the same things; we were all curious, ambitious, eager to learn and more than anything, we wanted a career that allowed us to be true to ourselves.

We quickly discovered, however, the dark side of the personal development and coaching industry and after a long series of events, we were all made redundant! Fast forward almost a year and a half (or two babies, one engagement , one divorce, one separation, a couple of jobs and a global pandemic later) and we are all back together, more determined than ever to prove that you can be successful in this space and also be true to your values and to your audience. 

Get to Know Rachel.

I have often jokingly referred to myself as a ‘Jill of all Trades’ as I have had many jobs over the years. After training as an actress and stepping into the very uncertain showbiz industry, I learnt how to be adaptable in order to get by in between acting roles. The problem was- I got SO good at being adaptable, that people pleasing became my habitual way of being and I never stopped to ask myself if any of what I was doing was aligned with who I really was.

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That all changed when I started to become more and more interested in spirituality and personal development. After an uncertain, difficult few years, I became what I would describe as the ultimate soul seeker. From working with a life coach to visiting energy healers in Bali, from womb healing yoga retreats to countless Reiki sessions, I have soaked in as much as I can. After experiencing the wonderful benefits of Reiki for myself, I also trained as a practitioner, and soon will be training in reflexology too. The more I do of what lights me up, the more I meet “my people”. My tribe. Part of that tribe is the other wonderful women that make up the Wild for Purpose team. I thoroughly recommend spending time with women who allow you to be your weird and wonderful self- It’s good for the soul! It was when they threw me and our head of affiliate marketing, Rosanna, a joint mama-to-be ceremony under the night of the full moon, that I knew I was amongst friends where I was completely and utterly understood. (Fun fact- we had our gorgeous bubbas on the same day, which we totally put down to this soul-nourishing night together!) Having my daughter has given me a new sense of purpose that I truly didn’t know was possible, and it’s a huge motivator for me to continue to show up more and more as my authentic self, which will hopefully teach her to do the same too. I am excited to see where Wild for Purpose takes us all. Throwing a bunch of powerful women together, who are reclaiming their inner wild, and then ACTING on it- I’d say that’s got to be a recipe for absolute magic.

Get to Know Rosanna.

As I approach the big 3-0 (excuse me, but where did my twenties go?) I find myself thinking more and more about finding that thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, gives me purpose and makes me think - YES - I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. I think lots of us become trapped in dead-end cycles, feeling unsure and not quite content, but also without that ‘something’ to ignite the next stepping stone of our journeys and finding the drive to pursue whatever makes us truly happy.

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I was absolutely that person. Constantly on the search for that fire in my belly but it was always just out of reach, or it wasn’t the right timing. I’ve dabbled in almost too many different industries, hopped from job to job for one reason or another with my fair share of bad luck. And now I find myself here. A fiancee, a mother of an amazing little boy, desperate to be not only a care-giver, but also someone to show him that you can follow your passions, be your own person and be successful all at the same time. The incredible Wild for Purpose Team is made up of talented, powerful, intelligent women who have all lost their way at some point, even though we all have very different stories, and somehow the stars have aligned and brought us together on this soul-lifting journey. I do believe in fate, but that’s not without the work you put into yourself and the world around you, including the people in it. Working with these wonderful women has given me that sense of excitement, that sense of THIS is what I am supposed to be doing, and I feel insanely lucky to help inspire others to find their spark, too. 

Get to Know Jess.

Has anyone ever told you that you need to, ‘play the game?’ Because I have been told this. A lot. I used to sit there and think, what a joke! Why do I need to ‘play a game’ in order to be successful? The last time someone said this to me, I had reached my BS limit and I just said no. I am so done and more importantly, ‘the game’ does not align with my values, with who I am or with who I want to be. This realisation made me feel helpless. What other choices did I have? 

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How could I get out of this cycle of going from job to job only to end up in the same position? I had tried to find jobs in the charity sector and dabbled with the idea of working in the public sector. I had spent so much money and so many years on my education and on becoming a qualified marketer that the prospect of a complete change felt daunting and like all my efforts had gone to waste. That being said, I had also dipped my toe in the personal development world and it was at that point that I had started to feel more authentic and like I was being more true to myself. I started reconnecting to my core; a wild part of myself that I hadn’t allowed to speak in a long time. Like any adventure, however, there are always obstacles to overcome. That experience backfired (big time) but it's true what they say, once you make the decision to truly pursue something, you will see amazing synchronicities in your everyday life. I met my soul fam from pursuing that job in personal development, the amazing women who are now my business partners. I met amazing coaches and other amazing people from doing my NLP course. One of my favourite sayings is, “All that glitters is not gold” and Shakespeare (a true OG) was so right. The people that I was meeting through pursuing the things that genuinely made me happy were the true gold dust! I am now wandering off the path that I had been mindlessly stumbling down and have started to reconnect with that wild part of myself that had become so buried I had forgotten she even existed. I have dug her up from the undergrowth and am nourishing her, slowly, back to health. Thus, we have come together to finally take action and Wild for Purpose has become a real thing instead of just a dream! 

Get to Know Jo.

I was a busy finance and strategy professional before children and had no idea that my precious little moppets would transform my busy yet organised and success driven lifestyle.  As a working mum I ended up in a time poor existence of “getting by” each day and doing the best that I could to be a present parent, career woman, PTA member, child health and special needs parent advocate, whilst also aspiring to be a clean living vegetarian, plastic recycling, feminist! In training to be a success coach and becoming an Accredited Master NLP Practitioner, I discovered so many new skills that transformed my own life, and now I have the privilege of helping others achieve alignment. 

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The point is, if we try and be everything, we either get lost or burn out, or both!

This working on me thing is basically peeling back the layers or roles that I try to fit into and reconnect with who I actually am, what I actually want to achieve, and what sort of legacy I want to leave to my moppets and their future generations.

I’m an accountant and finance manager by trade and have dedicated over 15 years to the profession. More recently I am a life coach and a qualified NLP Master Practitioner. I retrained after having my sons and have been qualified for a few years, but I’m only just getting around to finding time in the schedule to be a life coach. The schedule takes over doesn’t it? The expectations of careers and earnings, the need to pay bills and mortgages, to raise children and take care of myself and my loved ones all takes time and so the mere thought of abandoning a steady career for a dream self-employed existence seems almost silly... until I realised we only get one shot at life and so why the hell waste it! The worst regret would be that I didn’t try, that I wasn’t brave enough to take all this passion and knowledge that I had gained about myself and self-development and apply it to the next stage in my life.

Synchronicity is something I fully believe in, and when it comes to Wild For Purpose, it was exactly that, a bunch of like minded people being in the right place at the right time with the right skills, and a whole bus full of passion and determination. So here we are, this web portal to the self-development world brings you enlightenment to a world of possibilities with the mission to help you find your passions and achieve your wildest dreams…

Get to Know Freya.

It has taken a long time, lots of self-care, and many times in which I’ve had to put my pride to the side, but I can finally start saying I am living my own authentic life. At 25 years old, I feel I am finally starting to embrace my (geeky, dorky, & generally nerdy) life alongside my daily battles; recovering from an eating disorder, continuously working for better mental health and living with a chronic illness. Before I could properly grow up, I had to outgrow the toxic lifestyles society wanted to push on women.

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I have previously tried dieting pills, self-help scams, extreme fitness programs, and have compulsively listened to multiple self-care ‘gurus’, all in the name of ‘bettering myself’. It is only when we take off our rose-tinted glasses and see the world for it’s real, multi-coloured self that we realise the truth is not all black and white. Those, who use the buzzwords ‘self care’ and ‘wellness’ (who also so happen to usually be rich white men who do not practice what they preach) are not all going to want to help you, but instead use you. This fact not only opened my eyes, but also gave me an opportunity to work alongside my fellow Wild For Purpose creators and goddesses… If we want the wellness and self-help community to become more authentic, WE need to insert ourselves and start calling out those who aim to use us for their own gain, rather than help us grow as a community. It's time to all work together; coaches, practitioners, speakers, influencers, to put the CARE back in self-care… And I want to be part of that.