The Wild Way - our values

Like crystals, each and every one of us is completely unique. Throuought our lives, we are polished and shaped by our journeys but we have a certain amount of control over the paths we take. Will we be polished and shaped into a round stone or be a raw geode? The decision is ours! 

Authentic, Passionate, Inspiring and Wild. These are the rules the Wild Team lives by! It is our mission to create a tribe of knowledge seekers and soul explorers that we support to achieve Purpose, Growth, Happiness and Success. These things look different for everyone (every crystal is unique, after all) and so our courses and our content encourage people to learn about their true, individual soul purpose and live a life more aligned to their true values and authentic self. 

Driven by PURPOSE

At Wild For Purpose, we believe - actually, we know - that everyone was born with a destiny or a soul calling. Our company was founded by 5 women coming together to live out their purpose, and our mission is to help you discover yours. We aim to create a group of knowledge seekers and explorers that are dedicated to unearthing the direction their soul wants to be heading in. When you know where you’re going, you can persevere toward your dreams, with whatever obstacles might come your way.

Fuelled by our WILD natures

We want to help you unleash the uncontained, fierce part of yourselves; The part that doesn’t play small, that lives with passion, fire and instinct! With our content we aim to encourage you to reconnect to your truest nature - to live a life on your own terms as a fully autonomous being. You were never meant to be put in a box and play by the “rules”- it’s time to let go of the chains and rejoin us in the wild. 


Authenticity is interwoven in everything we do, and it’s so important to us that we live by this value ALWAYS. We are committed to our content, courses and social media posts being heart-centred and genuine. After all, how can we encourage you to live a life more aligned with your values and authenticity if we don’t ourselves? Each member of the team has different insights and we are committed to preserving our differences and individuality to inspire you to preserve yours. Your differences are what makes you, YOU!

Passionate about EMPOWERING others

We are devoted to inspiring and empowering you with the knowledge you need to take your dreams to the next level. We aim to help you to uplevel your lives and, most importantly, actualise your dreams! We are passionate about getting you to move beyond just learning to taking aligned action, so that you can enjoy the growth and success you wholeheartedly deserve. Success doesn’t have to be an elusive far-reaching thing that we can’t enjoy in the here and now. We want to help you claim it!

Dedicated to re-establishing a TRIBE

Human beings desire a tribal sense of belonging, and the wild team are dedicated to re-establishing the sense of community that’s been lost in this modern world. It is our mission to create a tribe of like-minded individuals that we support to achieve Purpose, Growth, Happiness and Success. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much! 

Live your life The Wild Way!