Meet Your Coach!

At Wild, we pride ourselves on finding the absolute best coaches to support our community. An amazing coach for the Wild team is one that has put in the hours to become officially accedited and certified but more importantly, has values that align with ours. Our coaches have been personally vetted by the Wild team and have been hand picked because their soul purpose matches our own. 

Sometimes, you need a guiding light to show you the way and support you to take the next step on your journey. We know that you will find that here and also be welcomed into a community that believes in what they do; helping fellow human beings through listening, compassion and expertise. There are many tools out there at your disposal but we believe the most important thing is that you find a coach that resonates with you. 

So, take a look at our amazing coaches below and take the next step to living your purpose! 

Get to Know Caroline.

I discovered personal development 9 years ago and started studying success and the power of the mind.  I have experienced incredible transformation in my life, quite literally going from ‘Glass half empty Martin’, a cynical and protective person scared of change, to ‘Caroline, positive and passionate’.

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I am a dedicated mum of two teens, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Accredited Coach, 5 times Fire walker, Business Trainer and founder of my coaching business Enabling Wings.

I have experienced incredible transformation my life taking me from ‘Glass half empty Martin’ a cynical and protective person, scared of change, to ‘Caroline, positive and passionate’. It has taken years to connect my past and my learnings through life with my strengths, skills and opportunities, which now enables me to spread my own wings and be connected to my passions and live life with conscious purpose.

I dedicated over 20 years to customer-oriented roles within the Global Commercial Insurance Sector. My focus was to facilitate excellence for bespoke customers, and it gave me great pride to be able to positively impact so many customer journeys. I discovered personal development 8 years ago and started studying success and the power of the mind. I have invested in myself and followed my passions for life coaching, being trained by  many experts including events run by Tony Robbins. Over the last few years have seen a real increase in the momentum for Corporate appreciation of Personal Development, recognising the link between Personal Wellbeing, Employee Engagement and indeed Corporate Productivity. Corporations do have the power to enable many individuals to achieve great successes and so now I dedicate my time coaching individuals and businesses to create alignment and passionately helping others to overcome challenges.